Every year, Google introduces interesting new products and services.
Inevitably people will use some of those products.
Google introduces them because they believe these products
will add value to their current offerings, and they are correct.
Inevitably some of these products will become beloved by many, many people. Then one day google announces that the service you know and love is going away.

Sometimes they replace it, sometimes they don't,
but without fail it is never quite the same.

This is the Google Graveyard: A home for news
and information about the products google has killed, or will kill
(unless google kills the products that I am using to create this site).

Monday, January 25, 2016


On April 30, 2007, Google introduced iGoogle to the world.

It was the new name for the Google Personalized Homepage (which was originally launched in 2005), and it was awesome.

You could personalize it with apps, pictures and all sorts of wonderful content. You could even create your own gadgets to do special things on it.

It was simple, but powerful.

On November 1, 2013, iGoogle was be "retired" (with a pension I hope).

Preceeded by Google personalized homepage

Replaced by: :'-(

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